Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tracy Flick tossing the red meat

As a commenter sez on this awesome blog I've been following:
Gotta say, she delivered.

Never mind all the outright lies and half-truths. She’s a low-information voter’s dream.

And another:
wow - she is a frightening beast, a real mean b!*ch- i hate to say it, but the repubs are going to love her - the gloves are off people. Biden is going to have to let that chick do herself in, cause if he touches one little hair on her perfect little head, he’s going to pull back a stump.
The book-banning anti-abortion Christianist crowd just eats this shit up. Perfect dentition, not a hair out of place, great bod courtesy of 1.5 hrs of pilates each day. And a stagefulla kids, just to prove that she doesn't use birth control (sex is only for procreation, dontcha know).

Which is what really pisses me off. I'm used to meeting up with the Tracy Flicks of this world (male and female), so that's nothing new. But what makes me want to throw my longneck bottle through the plasma screen is seeing those kids (including the gum-chewing hockey hunk Baby Daddy) constantly being dragged in front of the cameras as props in her Lifetime Channel made-for-teevee Saturday afternoon drama Special, which is itself nothing more than a television commercial designed to advertise her services as Vice-Principal-In-Chief. (If elected, she's going to be up in your business like you can't even possibly imagine, yet.)

But yeah so she drags theses unfortunate youngsters around with her everywhere she goes, in order to demonstrate... something or other that I don't get and never will. WHY are they important? WHO gives a fuck about them? HOW are they relevant in any way whatsoever? WHEN did a candidate's darling little fuck trophies start demonstrating said candidate's electability? WHAT about the rest of us citizens who don't particularly care for your Leave It To Beaver bullshit fucking lifestyle?

Is that too harsh? So what. I don't really care.

Dear Candidate-For-Public-Office: Please explain to me, in careful and rigorous detail, exactly what you plan to do in office. Hint: if what you "plan to do in office" involves your children in any way, please state that at the very beginning of your answer so that I can then immediately quit listening to you and start looking for another candidate to vote for. Thank you.

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Gleemonex said...

You like how the dad handed off the baby to the five-year-old the very second he felt he could afford to do so?

Oh my god I hate these people and everybody like them.

This crazy snizzatch gets up there and flat-out LIES (I already hate her voice more than I hate Hillary's), and the whole place is just going fucking NUTS. I predicted, about two sentences in, that the words "home run" or "hit it out of the park" would be spoken within forty seconds of the speech's conclusion -- and damned if I wasn't right.