Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two Straight Talking Mavericky Soulmates

It's been interesting following these republican blowhards tying themselves into knots trying to defend against the Sarah Palin criticism noted in the post below. It is an impossible task, but you can't say they aren't trying their pathetic little hearts out.

The two lines of defense I like the best so far are "Sarah Palin is commander of the Alaska National Guard" and "She's experienced in foreign policy because, as you may not know, Alaska is near Russia" (not an exact quote).

And, as if to drive home the point I made two posts below about his reckless and impulsive gut-driven emotional worldview, John McCain says Sarah Palin is his "soulmate", despite barely even knowing her.

But as everyone knows, John McCain is a Straight Talker. The guy talks SO straight that, because CNN's Campbell Brown raked one of his spokesmorons over the coals for his Alaska National Guard B.S., McCain canceled a scheduled interview with that well-known assassin interviewer, Larry King. Yes, that Larry King.

But McCain has apparently noticed a recent reticence on the part of national media to give him a pass on his fact-free style of campaign rhetoric. He's quit having media sessions on the Straight Talk Express (TM). He hasn't given a press conference in weeks. The reason is obvious: he has no answers that hold any water at all.

And now his campaign manager explains why his V.P. candidate has seemingly retired to one of Dick Cheney's undisclosed locations: they aren't going to make her available in the absence of softball-only assurances from her questioners:
"Davis demurred when asked when Palin will sit for interviews with major news organizations, pointing out that now would not be the right time given the "combative" attitude the media has seemingly adopted..."
That's some STRAIGHT TALK we can all believe in, my friends.

But there's only so long they can keep little Laura Roslin hidden from those mean ol' reporters: National Enquirer has "Edwards team" in Alaska.

Umm, Ms. Mayor? You've just been called up to the big leagues.

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Gleemonex said...

Oh my god, the funniest part is how they won't let us talk to her if we're gonna "be like that." Seriously, junior-high shit there, boys.