Friday, February 2, 2007

Bob Saget lives a charmed life

I used to hate Bob Saget in a very powerful way. On that show with the Olsen twins he was so f'ing smarmy, with that uber-irritating family-ish smirkiness. But that I could despise and ignore. What really got him onto my most-hated list was his even-more-smarmy hosting of that America's stupidest videos show. Back in the day when I had basic cable and no tivo, I routinely came across this show, or was subjected to it when visiting friends. THAT thing drove me into a suicidal rage.

But this all changed when I saw Bob Saget in those couple or so episodes of Entourage. Then it became clear to me that the joke was on the pathetic producers and fandom of those shows, and that his incessant smirks were intended to include people like me in on his joke. He hated it as much as we did! But he was getting mondo $$, and his constant smarming was as if to say, "see? you can take comfort in the fact that I'm bilking these idiots out of a lot of money, and laughing at them, all the while, right to their faces!"

[Note that smirk on his face in the photo. If you will allow me to translate, it says: "No, I haven't crossed the line and tapped either of these two, but I sure as hell have tapped far more than my fair share of girls just as cute who weren't my co-stars and who have a better sense of what constitutes good makeup and healthy eating habits. BooYAHH!!!"]

So, props to Bob Saget. Here's hoping you enjoy your mansion, your expensive call girls, and your top-shelf chronic. Hoist a glass of that Cristal for all of us former haters out here.

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