Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rap lyrics I wish I had thought of: Part I

From Nelly's Tho Dem Wrappas on the classic Country Grammar LP:
They all screamin my name, different shades and race
Take them all backstage and lett'em plead they case
Make a million like Jigga, standin in one place
SoundScan like Thriller without changin' my face
HipHopLawyer's Translation for Old White People (TM):
When I'm onstage singing rap, there's always a lot of girls of different ethnicities yelling "Nelly, you're great!"

So I invite all of these girls to come backstage, have them line up, and ask them why they should be among the small group I take back to my hotel suite.

I can make a million dollars, just like Jay-Z, but without having to sell out.

I can sell as many albums as Michael Jackson, but without having to get 50 plastic surgeries.

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