Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sushi is good.

I'm not a connoisseur. In fact, I know very little about sushi -- other than it tastes good, and I enjoy the presentation and the whole little routine that goes with eating it. I've gotten minimally proficient at using chopsticks but it's still hard to use them for the larger fried-type rolls.

I've been trying to branch out with what I order, but my favorite is still probably the California Roll. I also like a lot of other rolls, and I'll eat some of the nigri pieces in moderation (these are the clumps of rice with the fish sitting on top).

I like to see how much wasabi I can mix into my little bowl of soy sauce without crying and having to blow my nose. In case you don't know, wasabi is a blob of stuff that is pretty much identical to horseradish except that it's green.

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Gleemonex said...

I am verrry bad at chopsticks, particularly since I can't eat a whole sushi in one bite, and can't manage to take half a piece and gracefully return the other half back to the plate ... but that's my issue. Gimme a fork, and I'm diggin in to the soosh.

You should try poke. It's cut-up little cubes of raw fish, dressed with scallion, soy-based sauce, sesame seeds, and chile flakes -- if you get the really good, fresh stuff, it is AMAZING.