Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rap Lyrics I wish I had thought of: Part III

In honor of today's news, here's a small bit of one of the most underrated rap songs in existence:

I'm buzzin'; Dirty Dozen; naughty, rotten rhymer
cursin' at you playahs worse than Marty Schottenheimer
This, of course, from Eminem's Just don't give a F***, off of The Slim Shady LP. In my view, this song is without parallel in the realm of rhyming cleverness. There's not a weak rhyme in the whole thing.

There are also a lot of great examples here of internal rhyming (i.e., rhymes within a line), something that Eminem didn't exactly invent (especially since poets have been doing it (at least in English) for about 500 yrs), but did pioneer to a large extent in the context of rap.

I'm tempted to post the lyrics to this song in their entirety, and write 4 pages worth of annotations. But unfortunately, your humble blog author has a day job, and it's just not in the cards on this day.

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