Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kansans are smart

The Kansas board of education has see-sawed back into the science camp by voting to remove anti-evolution propaganda from its science curriculum. The story is here (requires registration; use

I guess the NY Times online edition is now like one giant blog (complete with Pulitzer-winning bloggers). Each story seems to have comments right on the same page. Of course, this story got lots of comments (gee, you wouldn't think New Yorkers would be quick to express their derision for, and superiority over, those nutty anti-science religious folks in flyover country, wouldja?).

But of course they are all so very witty. One of the commenters said: "If you promise not to pray in my classroom, I promise not to think in your church."

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Gleemonex said...

There's plenty of Ignorant to go around, even in NYC or in my fair burg, San Francheesy -- but yeah, the dominance of Ignorant in places like Kansass can rage pretty much unchecked. Except when people manage something like this, which makes me proud. Yay Kansass!