Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Congress to Al Quaida: We support you!

Really just an excuse to post this funny graphic.

But so Tony Snow says that the congress maybe, possibly, intends to announce its support for Al Quaida with its proposed anti-Surge resolution currently under consideration in the Senate. He says: "What message does Congress intend to give? And who does it think the audience is? Is the audience merely the president? Is it the voting American public or, in an age of instant communication, is it also al-Qaida?"

Stoopid rhetoric, yes. But he also does have somewhat of a point. This resolution is P.R., pure and simple. It has no legal effect whatsoever. And it probably does give the insurgents in Iraq something of a morale boost.

But: (1) the insurgents in Iraq are NOT Al Quaida, at least that anyone knows of (if they were, I think the people of this country, myself included, would favor continuing the fight), and (2) the administration has maneuvered congress into this position by unilaterally imposing this new strategy and refusing to listen to competing viewpoints before announcing it. The administration has further made very clear its belief that congress has no power or authority to do anything in the circumstances other than publicly express its disagreement -- which is exactly what it is doing with this resolution.

This is a very strange state of affairs; one which the administration has brought about by its own high-handed methods.


Gleemonex said...

So now Tony fucking Snow is out-and-out accusing Congresspersons -- our elected representatives -- of being al-Quaida sympathizers? That is astounding, especially in a time in which I thought I had no more capacity for astonishment.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget: he used to work for Fox News!

bgirl said...

I tried to write this comment three times and couldn't quite put into words what I'm feeling. It's something along the lines of "What the hell kind of country is this when disagreeing with the president means you support terrorism? Fucked up motherfucking insatiable power hungry fucks." Or something like that. Maybe it will come to me.

HHL said...

well... you're off to a good start, bgirl!

Gleemonex said...

Bravo, bgirl! Cause that's pretty much what I meant, too.

Kingfish said...

I am so ashamed that I once watched his program on FOX.

In 2001, I thought getting our Governor in the White House was going to be a good thing. So wrong I was in hindsight. The troubling thing is, I respected and even supported at the ballot box these fake Conservatives. I probably would support a true Conservative again, but there is not one to support.

The thing that pisses me off the most is Charlie Stenholm would have been the ranking Democrat in the House, had he held onto his seat. He is from Stamford, Texas. He never bolted from his party when people of more liberal minded thinking were ducking for the Republican party.

Charlie was done in by the mastermind gerrymandering of Tom Delay. So sinister he screwed his own state and now I am represented by the lock stepping lackey that is Randy Nuegebauer.

Leaderless drones is what you get when you vote and think strictly down party lines. One benefit is it's easier for former CIA honchos to control the power.

We should repeal the Patriot Act first, then get our asses out of a civil war, then repeal the Military Commissions Act, then get an energy policy that will ween the country off of so much oil dependence. It's either that or let's just go ahead and proclaim a Romanesque Republic and conquer, exploit, and occupy. That way when we are referred to by our enemies as Imperialists, we would no longer be thinking it was a lie.

The real enemies of this country can be found in Saudi Arabia. Their citizens crashed there planes into our buildings. What am I thinking, they are our allies in the War on Terror. Sorry, my bad.

The Tony Snows of this country are rallying their base by throwing accusations out like traitorous barbiturates. It will get worse. One day in the near future, you can and will be jailed for speaking out against the government. But I shouldn't say such things and instead focus on the intricacies of J-Lo's ass.