Thursday, February 1, 2007

Funniest name I've seen since...

Dick Trickle. Which is damn funny. But not relevant here.

So Hizzoner the mayor of San Francisco, who has the ultra-suave name of Gavin Newsom, has admitted having an affair with the wife of his campaign manager. Which really, you know, kind of shows a real lack of, uh, several things, but loyalty and self-control to name a couple.

But the real gold in this story is that the woman in question is named Ruby Rippey-Tourke.


I dare you to say that out loud a couple of times.

Or maybe my sense of humor is just stuck at around the 10th grade level.

UPDATE: Here's Arianna Huffington's take on the Newsom Affair. I tend to agree with her assertion that these types of stories are not "news" and should be left alone, though I think there are some valid counterarguments that would appear difficult to overcome. Probably deserves more thought.

By the way, is she right or left? I forget, and I think it is refreshing that her leanings were not obvious to me when reading the linked article.


Gleemonex said...


I know -- some jokes just write themselves.

Anonymous said...

she's pretty much a lefty.

Arianna, that is. I'm not sure about Ruby.