Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I just renewed my membership

I would encourage you to join.


Kingfish said...

Done. What alot of people do not know, is the ACLU does in fact provide their services to Conservative issues as well. That being said, I fear the end of responsible journalism in favor of entertainment will dumb down the populace further, and make our once great democracy a "flock of sheeple."


Gleemonex said...

You know, I joined in like 10th grade, and a certain hick town rap star made a great deal of fun of me for it at the time ... but you're right, time to renew.

HHL said...

my salad days, when i was green in judgment.

kingfish, you are exactly right. they will support people's civil liberties no matter what end of the spectrum they happen to fall on. they get a bad name because many (most) of their stances take more than 15 seconds of study to understand, thus can be portrayed negatively to the weak-minded.